First Day information!

Our first class meeting begins promptly at 9 am on Monday September 24 in Seminar 2 E1107. We are looking forward to meeting you and beginning our work together.

  • Please arrive on time. We have a long wait-list, and registered students who are not present on time at the first class session will have their seats released to a student on the wait-list.
  • Please arrive prepared. Students need to bring comfortable writing tool(s), notebook(s), a (three-ring) binder for handouts, and a day planner (you will also need a calculator by Wednesday). See the response to “What can I do to prepare myself for this program?” in our Q&A.
  • Our wait-list is long. If you are on it, please read the response to “I’m on the wait-list. What are my chances for getting in? What should I do?” in our Q&A.

We invite you to begin to read over some important program documents and information.

  • You can find the Syllabus and Covenant under the About menu in the navigation bar above. Don’t feel obligated to print these out, as we will provide you copies.
  • You can find details about our first week reading schedule and assignments in the Week 1 page under the Calendar menu.
    • We’ll provide details like this each week in the Calendar, but won’t provide a print-out. You can print out the Week 1 page (and subsequent pages), though we don’t recommend it. Instead, we recommend that you get in the habit of transcribing this information (by hand or electronically) into your day planner/notebook to help you keep track of what is due and when.
    • At the Week 1 page, you will find links to Tuesday’s seminar reading (“Only Connect”) and a supplementary reading (“A Tour of the Calculus”) for Wednesday. We encourage you to read ahead; we will provide you with copies in class on Monday, so you don’t need to print these out.
    • Students in the calculus track should note that there is reading due to be completed before the first calculus lecture on Tuesday afternoon.
    • All students should note that there is a physics reading (and assignment) due to be completed before Wednesday morning’s physics workshop.

We will spend time on Monday going over our program structure and workload and answering your questions, so don’t panic!

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