Corrections to Physics Problem Set #7 solutions

  • There was some mistakes in the originally posted Physics Problem Set #7 solutions – I apologize for my mistake. Thanks to those of you who noticed them and brought them to my attention. If you printed out the solutions prior to 7:00 pm Sun. Feb.24, you have a version with the mistakes. I have posted an updated version with corrections Here are the correction so you don’t need to print out an entirely new version:
    • Problem 2: the originally posted solution mistakenly added 15 + 5 to get 15 GeV for E3. Of course, 15 + 5 actually equals 20, so E3 = 20 GeV. This makes u3 = 0.6c, and m3 = 16 GeV/c2.
    • Problem 5: minor typo error in final answer for E1. E1 = 2.0 MeV.
    • Problem 8: the originally posted solution mistakenly used 7.5 GeV/c2 as the mass of particle B instead of the 1.0 GeV/c2 given in the problem statement. Using the mass given in the problem statement, the corrected mass for particle A should be mA = 3.414 GeV/c2.
    • Problem 9: switched the energies for the left-moving and the right moving photon. The left-moving photon has energy 4 GeV, and the right-moving photon has energy 12 GeV.
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