Pubs & Presentations

Five research reference topics are relevant to VISTAS use and development:

  1. VISTAS Pubs & Presentations.  These are juried/reviewed publications and presentations about VISTAS authored by VISTAS PIs and staff.
  2. VISTAS Collaborators’ Science.  These are reviewed publications and web sites that explain the environmental science content of our collaborators.  It is useful to those interested in the kinds of science for which VISTAS is relevant.
  3. Collaborators’ Use of VISTAS.  Here you will find presentations and publications by our collaborators with examples of VISTAS use.  It is useful to those interested in seeing how scientists use VISTAS.
  4. VISTAS Bibliography.  To develop VISTAS, we consulted relevant prior work in the following areas:  Scientific Visualization Research, Social Science Inquiry, Arts & Animation, and Machine Learning.
  5. Scientific Research Labs.  A number of academic, industry and government research laboratories target scientific visualization.  Those interested in VISTAS or scientific visualization might find perusing these sites useful.
  6. Major outreach efforts.