Retreat Planning – 7/12/2013, 2-3pm

2nd Meeting of the VISTAS Retreat Planning Subcommittee (Susan, Denise, Mike, Judy, Kirsten) via GOTO MEETING.

Agenda (proposed by Susan – please send any additions to her:

Prior to the meeting please read the DRAFT Retreat Agenda and DRAFT Instructions for Presenters. These summarize the decisions from our discussions last month (Judy’s notes from the last session are here).

Since the CSAB is now an integral part – as it should be – of our overall Retreat, the meeting will start by addressing the following questions. Everyone, to the extent possible, should come prepared with answers to the following:

  1. What do we hope to “get” from the CSAB discussion/retreat that we cannot “get” during our internal meetings right now? What are the top 5 things we hope to “get?”
  2. What do we need to do to be “ready” for the CSAB?
    —-> what do we need to show them?
    —-> what would we need to know/to do in order to answer their questions or engage in a discussion?
  3. When we will be ready to engage the CSAB? Sept/Oct/Nov timeframe?

Given the answers from the questions above, can we pencil in dates in Sept/Oct/Nov for this 1.5 day retreat?
Location: OSU, other ? Can we reserve space now? Who should do this?-
Send “Save the Date” notices to our Collaborators and CSAB members. Who should do this?
In light of answers to 1 – 6, review DRAFT agenda and DRAFT Instructions to Presenters to see if any changes need to be made.
any Next Steps not covered by the above.