Developers – Mar. 21, 2014

Present:  Dani, Jenny, Judy, Justin, Kendra, Nik, Vir.

At this meeting, we reviewed and updated Google Doc: VISTAS Feb 28, 2014, session with Margaret .  Let Nik know if you do not have access to this.

We reviewed HCI Concepts she presented, and her General Observations about VISTAS.  We did not quite finish Her Specific Observations and Suggestions.

We decided

  1. NOT to meet during spring break (March 28)
  2. At the April 4 Dev Meeting, to
    – read Margaret’s Representation Benchmarks paper
    – complete remaining notes on Specific Observations about the system, and
    – devise our resulting Action Items for the VISTAS UI
    – decide on next followup for consulting with Margaret

Sherry Yang, M. M. Burnett, E. DeKoven, MosheZloof.  1997. Representation Design Benchmarks: A Design-Time Aid for VPL Navigable Static Representations. Journal of Visual Languages and Computing 8, 563-599.