Welcome to 2015

Greetings VISTAS Project folks, and a Happy New Year to you! I trust you have all had a wonderful holiday season!

I’ve been a bit out of touch during the holidays, as (since I taught my last quarter at Evergreen and am now done teaching there AND commuting to Olympia) I started a new (volunteer) day job – on Mt. Bachelor as a Ski Ambassador. Training and duty days were concentrated over the holidays. And then, there were the holidays. I am now ‘back in the saddle’, so to speak, as I hope you are!

2015 is the last funded year for the VISTAS NSF grant; I look very much forward to our getting VISTAS in the hands and on the computers of our wonderful collaborators – and getting their feedback. This will also be “the” year when we work on dissemination and publication of the results of this project, and decide how to go forward with the software and research that we have begun. So, it’ll be a busy and productive year!

This email announces upcoming meetings scheduled for January, alerts you to a few special events for 2015, and the general plan for 2015. After the Developers’ Meeting this Friday, I’ll post an update on VISTAS Development Status.

  • This week – Developers’ Meeting, Friday January 9, 3-4pm, via gotomeeting. Please let me know ASAP if you are a developer, and cannot attend. Agenda at http://blogs.evergreen.edu/vistas/project-news/meetings/2015-meetings/developers/developers-1092015/
  • Thursday, January 29 – 9-2:30. HJ Andrews LTER Symposium. VISTAS poster and demos start at noon, VISTAS meetings with collaborators to follow 3pm ff or Friday afternoon 2pm ff. JOHN, PATRICK, BOB, ALLEN, DOMINIQUE – PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF/WHEN YOU ARE AVAILABLE DURING THAT TIME FRAME. CHRISTOPH AND KENDRA – LET’S TRY TO SCHEDULE AN INTERNET SESSION DURING THAT WINDOW.
  • Other 2015 meetings/events. See http://blogs.evergreen.edu/vistas/project-news/meetings/2015-meetings/
    in particular, please note that I have added a SOME IDEAS for publications and disseminations, as well as venues and due dates. JOHN, PATRICK, BOB, ALLEN, CHRISTOPH, DOMINIQUE : it would be terrific if you know WHEN you would like to use VISTAS VISUALIZATIONS in presentations or publications, so that we can be sure to set aside resources to be ready for you. I’d like to post these dates on the web site, so please let me know when we meet end of January.
  • Reading Group Friday, January 16 – How about reading Denise’s and John’s piece on Knowledge Co-Production.
  • VISTAS All Hands Retreat ~May 15-June 1: – date, place TBA. Stand by for doodle poll to find potential date(s).