Developers – Mar. 14, 2014

Present:  Dani, Jenny, Judy, Justin, Kendra, Mike, Nik.

The purpose of this meeting was to recap the Feb 27-28 Meetings with Collaborators & HCI Consultant Margaret Burnett.  We deferred the latter due to time constraints – and will devote next week’s meeting (March 21) to that topic.

Judy walked through her notes on the Feb 27-28 Meetings, revising with suggestions from the team.  Below are action items that emerged:

  1. Dani – next week.  will forward to Judy list of web site recommendations (from her and Kirsten) and a .doc file of the paper she submitted to Creative Geography  (who will post them in the meeting notes & pubs/presentations, respectively)
  2. Mike and Vir (re ENVISION interface) — next week.  Mike will ask Vir (unable to attend due to end of quarter deadlines) our questions (see ??? on the notes).  He will also ask if Vir was able to get Christoph’s data sets.  Vir or Mike will report briefly March 21.
  3. Kendra (re her work with Christoph) and Judy – by May 1. Christoph articulated more desiderata than we had room for (or time) to record in the notes.  Kendra and Judy both kept notes and will write these up as his ‘specifications for visualization’ for the project record.  We want these for each collaborator and will use in future publications and proposals  .
  4. Justin – Monday next week.  will forward his notes from sessions with Bob and Margaret.  Judy will consolidate with her notes and forward to Nik (by Wednesday).
  5. Judy – this is done; see bibliography.  forward to all the two papers Margaret recommended:  Spool et al, Designing for the Scent of Information, and Yang et al  Representation Design Benchmarks: A Design-Time Aid for VPL Navigable Static Representations.
  6. All – Prep for next week March 21 meeting.  Think about action items we want from meeting with Margaret Feb 28.  In particular:
    – Justin – send notes of this session to Judy, who will fold with hers, and forward to Nik
    Nik – post notes on meeting with Margaret as a google doc – and facilitate next week’s session on team revision of notes and desired outcomes from meeting with Margaret.
    Secondary objective is to test our use of Google Docs for group editing.
    Kirsten – have you transcribed or are you planning to transcribe the session with Margaret?  If not, could you make the tape(s) available to one of us?