2/7/2014 – Dani, Justin, Judy

In lieu of the postponed trip to Corvallis, Dani, Justin and Judy met via gotomeeting to discuss their student projects.

  • Justin – Justin’s UI task list
    – Justin walked us through a quick VISTAS UI demo, reviewing tasks on his project list.  He will email Nik for comments, and is ready to start work on it.  See Justin’s Project Blog.
  • Dani
    – Dani will submit a paper to The Journal of Creative Geography (special edition) due March 1, about the role of montage in VISTAS, e.g., how theory of montage might inform how we communicate or analyze scientific data visually, how we view tools for data presentation vs. data analysis.
    – she will circulate a first draft by Feb. 17
    – for her project, she will work on extruded volumes, stacking VISTAS visualizations vertically by time to help users identify change points.
  • Judy and Dani also exchanged sites for reviewing matrix/linear algebra, as we prepare for spring quarter:
    – Central Conn. State Univ. Vector Math Tutorial    mathematical preliminaries for computer graphics. Explicitly targets what’s needed for Computer Graphics. http://chortle.ccsu.edu/vectorlessons/vectorindex.html
    – Lawler’s CS Graphics (Univ. AL Fairbanks) Course Notes and Math Preliminaries.
    Wolfram’s MathWorld on Vectors
    – EuclideanSpace.com’s vector and matrix algebra, and  —-Vector Geometry