Developers – 1/22/2014

Wednesday, January 22, 4-5pm: Judy, Jenny, Nik, Vir, Dani, Justin (Kirsten – out of town, Kendra – work conflict).

Because of Dani/Justin class conflict we are searching for a new day/time for our 3x/month developers meeting.  This day/time is tentative until we reconnoiter.


  1. Meetings Winter Quarter: When?  How often?  What topics? What happens spring quarter? When?
  2. next week – reading group?  Prep for session with Margaret Burnette.  VisIT – How is it alike, and how different from, VISTAS?  For example, find out:  What does the UI look like?  What could we learn from that UI?  What visualization types does it support?  What would it take for our users to substitute VisIT for VISTAS?    What data formats? * Other suggestion:  Rhyne, Theresa-Marie and Min Chen.  A Snapshot of Current Trends in Visualization – “5 articles that exemplify current trends in computer-generated visualization” – Computing Now, vol. 7, no. 1, Jan. 2014, IEEE Computer Society [online];
    and (from Justin):

  3. Plan February 6-7 meetings in Corvallis – Objectives:  feedback from collaborators and user interface expert Margaret Burnett on VISTAS functionality and usability.
    Thursday 1-2:30 – Bob McKane, 2:30-4 – John Bolte, 4-5:30 Christoph Thomas?
    Friday 2-5 – Margaret Burnett  (need agenda)
  4. Reports from students:  Justin, Dani, Kendra, Vir on their academic projects.  Kirsten is away at a Fellowship Workshop.
  5. Reports from developers:  Vir, Nik on fixes/changes scheduled for January
  6. What changes to the web site(s) should we make?  How is it working for folks?