Developers – 11/07 2013

Thursday, November 7, 3-4pm: 
Judy, Jenny, Vir, Nik, Kendra, Justin, Dani

Progress recently:

  1. Nik has done significant mods for Bob/Allen (VELMA) and Vir created a new VISTAS exe.  Justin has TESTED IT, AND IT seems OK?  not yet 64 bit, due to a problem with the dependencies.  all VISTAS (source and .exe) will soon be 64-bit.
  2. Nik has met with Bob to get him started on VISTAS use (and testing :-).  HOW DID IT GO?
    a- user will need to take care that the elevation file is an exact match for the data file.  we could consider adding better support for this in the future.  DANI AND JUSTIN will put an alert to this effect in the documentation.) VELMA extracts from an arc ascii grid file of the entire basin, given where the simulation is done – namely which stream sub-basin?
    b- VELMA might be changing file format again (to put all data in a single file; now they have 1 per time step per variable (2 years of data is ~ 730 files!). Nik suggested NetCDF format, which is good for raster data with many variables and dimensions steps.
    c- 2D graphs are working, but VELMA doesn’t yet produce data that would produce graphs.
    d- for full HJA basin, especially on even a powerful laptop, VISTAS is slow to render.  would be good to look at how the terrain is rendered to speed this up.  VIR uses bmp mapping for ENVISION.  Nik suggested ROAM as another option, which adapts the mesh as the camera moves….  Nik will get # vertices to render, and other metrics to get a handle on the problem.  With HJA, once terrain has been rendered, interaction is OK, but every time you change time or settings and need to recolor (re-render?) it’s too slow ;  > 10 sec makes it tough to animate.
  3. Vir has tried to connect with John to do this same.  no LUCK, yet, but Mike will see John tomorrow and will ask:   1) is John coming to retreat, 2) will he present, 3) has he used VISTAS, 4) does he want help from Vir in using VISTAS.  Thanks Mike!
  4. Vir prepared new zip files for easy compile with both 2010 and 2012 Visual Studio. Justin has tested it for 2012 (it works!).  source code syncs with VISTAS .exe.
  5. Vir created and posted the webGL VISTAS proof of concept, and demo’d it last week. as of now, the VELMA data for Cheasapeake, as well as John’s Eastern Oregon data set. He will likely not work more on this, rather focusing on his master’s thesis project (vir – PLEASE TELL US MORE – TODAY OR AT RETREAT), but KENDRA WILL WORK ON WEBGL APP.   KENDRA’s biggest question right now is to see some data – Christoph’s data.  Mike will check with Christoph and ask him to bring some next Thursday.
  6. Justin has tested Dani’s documentation against new VISTAS and consolidated ENVISION and VELMA versions (which now have same UI).  Judy has sent this to Bob/Allen/John, and will put .doc file and the .pdf on the web site.  Dani will take a look and send changes by Monday.
  7. VISTAS longer term development (REVIEW THESE FOR RETREAT PLANNING)
    1- Export for animation.
    2- Vir is working on making VISTAS  backend for ENVISION.  he’s now able to compile ENVISION, he might have something proof of concept at the retreat. VISTAS plug-ins and core as backend, making ENVISION the UI.  to download source for ENVISION see, username: guest, password:
    – speed up in rendering terrain (for VELMA).
    – Nik anticipates the capability to ‘save’ VISTAS projects so users can avoid the time consuming process of loading a file when VISTAS is invoked.  In other words, users will need only load a file once if they save the current session as a “project.”
    – WIND VIS for Christoph – Kendra working on webGL prototype, Vir master’s PROJECT line integral convolution – very shader and GPU based.   (but it will not necessarily integrate to VISTAS mike will send us the paper, Dani also doing research on this.
    – undergrad student projects (Kendra, Justin, Dani)
    – VELMA might migrate to C++ iinstead of Java.  they want a backend too
  8. Retreat – Nov 14-15 in Corvallis – Kelley 2114 for meetings, Kelley 3057 for dinner
    – no questions about AGENDA.
    – Kirsten has made tremendous progress on retreat arrangements.  CONFIRM WHO IS COMING TO WHICH EVENT AND WHICH MEALS.
    – Judy has set up travel arrangements for out of towners.
    – The 5 of us staying at HGI will breakfast together Friday, maybe at Nearly Normal.
  10. OTHER (old business) – tabled until retreat:
    – fileshare for VELMA/ENVISION/WIND files (and sample visualizations) that we know work with VISTAS. since some of the VELMA (in particular) files are quite large, and there are so many ENVISION files, we are looking towards establishing a (large) fileshare (amazon, MS, google) where we put files that we (and interested outsiders) can use to ‘exercise’ VISTAS.
    – Mike will investigate possible fileshare with Google
    – Judy will investigate possible fileshare with Amazon and MS Azure, update collaborators (see below), post meeting notes, think on what we developers want done before the retreat.