Developers – 1/09/2015

Via GoToMeeting.  Present:  Judy (late), Nik, Jenny, Patrick
(Dani was moving that day, and Chris and Mike signed off due to late startup).

Judy was late due to family medical issue, and Nik was delayed by another meeting, so we didn’t get started until about 2:15 (and thus lost Mike and Chris).  Judy sends apologies!

  1. Development Status
    –  Nik: is incorporating land use & land cover boundaries in the VISTAS-VELMA ‘3’D visualizations and fnishing up embedded 2D graphics (e.g., streamflow vs. time).  He reports that the former is more complicated than anticipated when the grid size is large – this means the boundaries are ‘jagged’.  He is working on a revision of the software to overlay boundaries separately (as lines, not filled pixels). Work on the 2D graphs going well (these are read in as .csv files).-  Chris & Patrick:  Patrick reported on status of the elusive ‘missing’ triangles (still a mystery – waiting on some help from Mike who will work on the test files that Patrick made up).  These triangles only appear when the 2D? shape files have holes on polygons.  With respect to their work refining the user interface to ENVISTAS, they are blocked by software synchronization/version differences between their two versions of VISTAS’ code.  Nik will work with Chris on that.- Mike:  Mike reported via email that he has draped Dominique’s image over a DEM and bump mapped it – take a look to see how it looks to drape vegetation changes on topography at a national scale.- Jenny/Kendra:  Jenny is working with Kendra to determine status of Kendra’s software updates to Christoph’s server, upload of her software to a repository, user and system documentation.  Kendra and Jenny will meet with Willamette students to talk about future work (scaling the vectors, improving UI and saving settings, and improving how files are read in).Dani:  emailed Judy prior to the meeting to say movers would be packing her stuff to ship to NY – She will be working at IBM Watson Labs.  I think it’s time to upload whatever work she has done, and transfer task to another?

    Justin: Jud still trying to contact him;  time to upload whatever work he has done, and transfer task to another?

  2. Upcoming Meeting Schedule (January)
    All Hands with Collaborators January 29-30
    Reading Group next week – Denise’s paper on knowledge co-production.
  3. HJA Symposium (VISTAS Poster and Demo’s) – Thursday, January 29.  Bob communicated via email to Judy that he will likely be there, and can do a demo;  Nik (if Bob is called away) and Patrick can be there to run demo’s ; Patrick will check with John Bolte (we need a ENVISION file to use to demo).  Judy will be there assuming her husband does not have surgery.  REMEMBER TO REGISTER BY JANUARY 22, TO GET A FREE LUNCH!
  4. Publications and Workshops for the year?  See 2015 Meetings for deadlines and conference dates.  We will soon be deciding what publications to aim for this year.
  5. All Hands Retreat in May  See Retreat Tentative Agenda;   date to be set via Doodle Poll.  Mike, Judy, and Jenny will confirm membership of CSAB.