Developers – 3/22 & 3/8/2013

Meeting purpose:  to debrief our 3/8 meetings with VISTAS Collaborators (Bob, Allen, and John), further articulate and assign fixes to bugs and new features requested.
Present (via gotomeeting):  Judy, Lee, Nik, Vir.

  1. Lee had found and fixed the two bugs that were preventing (a) animation for VELMA, and (b) visualizing a second attribute on a second scene.  You can now run an animation and see it working, since he also uploaded 3 days in February and a 4th in May to test it and  two scenes with different attributes
  2. Vir had prepared DEMs (3-D shape files from the 2D shape files)  for John’s demo on 3/11, but without a QuickStart Guide, John did not use it.
  3. Vir has also started work on the recorded “fly through” that John wants. (#18 and #20 on the issues list)
  4. Vir also updated the installer so that VISTAS now says which version is running.
  5. we also discussed briefly strategies for implementing legends – some aspects are plug-in specific (gathering the content) but we should then create a common metadata repository to display from.

Meeting Purpose:  Demo recent VISTAS updates to Collaborators Bob McKane, Allen Brookes, and John Bolte, as per schedule below, and get feedback, suggestions for next steps and their priorities.

All Meetings in Kelley 2114; Vir will set up his lab machine to run the demo’s.

  • 10:30 (~1 hour) — judy, vir, kirsten – with bob and allen.  Prior to this meeting, we need more VELMA files to test the code, and a better handle on how to demo it.  Judy will solicit help from Lee on this.  If bugs, Lee, Vir and Nik will need to work together to try to fix them if possible by Thursday.
  • 11:30 – lunch (brownbag?  or lock 2114?) for judy, vir, kirsten.
  • 12:30 – 1:45 — judy, vir, kirsten – with john – demo and deliver the current VISTAS.    Waiting to hear from John to confirm the time.
  • 2-3 – Vir will help Judy download VISTAS source and hopefully compile it.
  • 3-4 – judy, vir, kirsten, mike, nik, (lee remotely?) – meet to 1) debrief sessions with Bob, confirm action items, and discuss development priorities and strategies, 2) identify paper to read in next week’s reading group – a recent graphics paper, or something about OpenGL?   3) talk about when (early summer or early fall?) we think the system will be stable enough for us to have a day long VISTAS retreat with collaborators and the CS advisory board.
  • 4-5 – judy, kirsten, and denise – meet at Bombs Away on Monroe/26th to talk about kirsten’s research.