Developers – 10/16/2014 – In Corvallis


noon:  Kendra, Nik, Judy.  Kelley 2114.  Christoph’s visualizations

  • 1-2pm (possibly a little longer with Chris?):  Mike, Chris, Nik, Judy. Kelley 2114.  Quick review of development status, start up plan and project for Chris
  • 3-4pm: Kirsten, Judy.  Kelley 2114 (or ?).  review VisWeek papers and poster, and discuss program.
  • ~4:30pm:  Dominique, Nik, Judy (and others?)  at CBI to plan for starting MC2 visualizations

Meeting notes:

  1. Kendra’s project with Chris:  Nik and Kendra solved server issue, so visualizations are now available on that site.  Chris (now in Bayreuth) has extended Kendra’s position through Nov.15 to complete the project (she starts her job Nov. 10, so she aims to complete the work by then, namely:
    – move project history, description from Kendra’s thesis site to  VISTAS.
    – complete project, so new data and sites can be added interactively
    – documentation on Christoph’s site (which is ????)

    • user level – how to invoke a vis, what it shows, some example data & screens
    • server level – a few paragraphs, if it is moved from OSU to Bayreuth
    • system level – about the implementation and code.  WHERE it is, architecture diagram
    • uploading the code to github
  2. start up the project for this academic year – asses state of the system,
  3. set development priorities and day/time for regular meetings:
    – Fridays 3-4pm.
  4. welcome (and assign a project to) the new CS graduate student Chris Schultz, one of Mike’s “best graphics gurus.”  He’s taken the Scientific Visualization, Parallel Programming, and Shaders courses from Mike.
  5. prepare for Kirsten’s and Judy’s trip to VisWeek, in particular review the artifacts, identify new visualizations for the poster, etc.

Not on the above agenda, but which all hands will talk about soon:

  1. scheduling a project retreat and workshop, as well as visits with nearby visualization or UI experts (e.g., Margaret Burnett follow up, Genevieve Bell (Intel), CS board Maier, Delcambre, etc.)
  2. publications and outcomes (final report)