Developers – 5/24/2013

3-3:50:  Mike, Judy, Jenny, Vir, Nik, Kirsten, Dani (in alphabetical order by last name) via GoToMeeting.  Purpose of the meeting was to determine whether VELMA VISTAS bugs have been fixed, status of spec for ENVISION-VISTAS backend, and Dani’s Use Case development.


  1. no developers meeting 5/31 (except for possible session with Bob/Allen to demo a working system).
  2. no all hands meeting 6/7 (those planning the retreat will meet Monday 6/10 (2pm?)
  3. next developers meeting – 6/7?


  1. bug status:  Nik and Vir believe they’ve fixed the bugs that were preventing Bob from viewing VELMA data  (see list from 5/17 meeting notes).   Vir also believes the VELMA legend should now appear.  Nik also has fixed the longstanding flicker issue!
  2. new feature status:
    – timeline:  still NOT possible to view animations along different timelines.  If user has 2 scenes open, and changes timeline below one scene, the timeline for the other scene will synchronize to the changed timeline.
    – 2D graphs:  not yet implemented.  Nik is working on it
  3.  action items:
    – Just after the meeting, Vir uploaded the latest version of VISTAS  to  improvements include, but not limited to:

           – no flickering
           – legends for VELMA
           – VELMA can now read the chesapeake bay data set
           – VISTAS updates the scenes appropriately
           – VELMA can process data that spans more than 365 days

    – Dani and Nik will test, asure bugs (see list from 5/17 meeting notes) are fixed.
    – Judy will schedule a session with Bob and Allen to demo a WORKING system – aiming for 5/31, 3-4pm.

ENVISION/VISTAS:  Vir reported that he and Nik have met twice with John Bolte and made good progress on defining the specification for connecting VISTAS as a backend to ENVISION.   He thinks they could have a working demo within 2-3 weeks.

PROGRESS OF JUDY/JENNY’S download and compile of VISTAS:  UI and Core are complete, just the plugins remain.  Vir will update the build instructions, and Jenny will work on finishing her installs, planning to go to OSU and work with Vir the week of June 10 if she has trouble.  We talked about how to procure an affordable Visual Studio for Jenny (2010 – what Nik is using would work;  Vir currently uses 2012).  Judy called Lee, who is trying to find the Visual Studio that Judy gave him, so we can give it to Jenny.

USE CASES: Judy, Dani and Kirsten then discussed status of Dani’s work on use cases.  We would like to have someone on the team in charge of writing Use Cases so we have a clear statement of functional specifications of each VISTAS feature.  Use cases can then guide development, user documentation, and regression testing.  Dani will send Kirsten her updated Use Cases to date, order Cockburn’s book on Use Cases, and continue work on this.