Dev Meeting – March 20

Present?:  Mike, Jenny, Judy, Chris, Patrick (Nik away for the week).

1. report progress towards April 15 development deadline for getting software to our collaborators (Patrick, Chris, Taylor – Nik is out this friday, but i have a report from him).

2. discuss and refine retreat agenda, and consider date(s), as per the doodle poll
– what vis features would be most useful to talk with collaborators about (and ask them to work with for the retreat).
– what questions do we have for the CS advisory board

3. discuss futures document and visweek paper (theme, progress, etc.). visweek abstract is due TOMORROW!!! paper due March 31. i hope to have a draft of the abstract ready for us this afternoon. note there are 3 tracks at visweek : scivis, vast, and infovis. we are definitely NOT infovis.

i thought we would be scivis until i attended many of the scivis (and vast) paper presentations last year. we were more like vast. check out the call for papers at:
scivis seemed to focus on algorithms – not systems, and we are definitely a system. however, in reading over the calls, i see something in the scivis call that fits us well….so, see also:

A strong application paper, for which technical novelty is not essential, typically features one of the following qualities, namely: high or broad impact, novel application, innovative technical adaptation or integration, or insightful experience or evaluation.