Developers – 2/22/2013

Meeting Purpose:  demo and test Vir’s and Lee’s recent VISTAS updates, as separately compiled, with aim to integrate into one exe for demo to entire group next Friday and then to Bob McKane and John Bolte March 8.

4-5pm, via Skype, Present:  Mike Bailey, Judy Cushing, Jenny Orr, Nik Stevenson-Molnar, Viriya Ratanasangpunth, Kirsten Winters, Lee Zeman

  1.  Demo Lee’s code (Lee).  No obvious issues, but we only looked at one file in the new format (none in old format to see if it still working).    Note that (because he has only OpenGL 2.0) Lee compiled this separately with deprecated VISTAS code, but sent patches to Vir for him to compile with new code.
  2.  Demo Vir’s code (Vir).  looked great!  saw DEM for Central Oregon, which Vir got from Mike’s DEM maps!  also saw ENVISION Eugene data, but Vir did not demo Eugene with  DEM because he needed a more capable graphics card for it to display properly – and he was using his Mac.  Vir has, however, integrated DEM with the Eugene ENVISION data and it appears to be working.
  3. Demo Lee’s code as compiled by Vir.  seemed to work as in lee’s demo, and ran with both the new and old VELMA file formats!    we discussed the extent to which common functionality (in this case, exaggerating height) could be made consistent across different vis plugins.  at this point, all visualization is done in the plug in, and they don’t share classes.
  4. Demo exe for 2.0, if possible.  did not do this –  Lee will do this during the next few days.
  5. Review list of use cases.  did not do this – judy will email this in a few days.
  6. Review schedule for next week Friday, March 1, 3-4, All Hands Meeting.  At that meeting we will redo this demo, bringing Denise and Susan up to date.  Vir will demo from Kelley 2114, using his lab machine (not his Mac).  Mike has reserved room from 2:30-4:30.
  7. Review schedule  for March 8 (in Corvallis). will use Kelley 2114, so Vir can set up his  lab machine and do demo’s from there.  Mike has reserved it 10am – 4pm.
  8. CS Graphics reading for March reading group?  Mike thinking about what paper – will decide March 8

Action Items (to prep for March 1 All Hands, which is to prep for March 8 session with collaborators John and Bob).

  1. Judy:
    1. make sure we get and check out files we want for March 1 and 8  demos (see below)
    2. download VISTAS exe to her new laptop (which version depending on which OpenGL she has), and test on her own the current exe, using the quickstart guide.
    3. email Bob and John re current VISTAS status, and schedule for march 8 meeting.  Ask them to check out which OpenGL they have, and ask them (especially Bob) to send some new VELMAfiles so we can test animation, and viewing multiple variables.
    4. list current use cases as you understand them, and email to dev group for check
    5. figure out a place where we can post test files for VISTAS and do that; update web site
    6. get trial GoToMeeting and use this March 1?
  2. Lee:  test the OpenGL 2.0 version of VISTAS with Bob’s and John’s code, check if you have more of Bob’s files.  If so, please send to Judy, Vir, or post to VISTAS’ fileshare.
  3. Vir:  prep some ENVISION files with DEMs for demo; once we get more Bob’s code prep a demo (judy can help), fix lighting from below issue
  4. Nik:   working on 3D display flicker?  tell judy if you think we can put onto bitbucket with other source, or if they belong on the project web site (or both).
  5. Kirsten:  see if you can run a VISTAS demo yourself with the VISTAS download to Kelley? or on your Mac

Files we would like by Wednesday, February 27, so Vir can use these to demo Friday, March 1.

  1. VELMA old format:   files with time steps, so we can demonstrate both still and animation, multiple variables viewed side by side, and exaggerated height.  old VELMA format has in one file:  elevation, multiple variables, but only a single time step.  we will need to run indexes and stats for all these prior to demo.
  2. VELMA new format:  elevation file, at least 2 variables, several time steps (so we can test animation, multiple variables, exaggerated height).  should run indexes and stats for all these prior to demo.
  3. ENVISION:  Eugene?  DEM integrated therein.
  4. Quickstart Guide to VISTAS.  (judy and Kirsten will review? and edit if necessary)
  5. Use Case list (judy)