Developers – 5/10/2013

Meet in Kelley 2114 (reserved by Mike)
Judy, Jenny and Dani in Corvallis.

10-11:30 -Vir meets with Jenny, Judy, and Dani
–  help Jenny and Judy load and compile VISTAS source onto laptops .  Vir will have a copy of MS Visual Studio for Jenny!  (Thank you Vir).
– Walkthru (by Judy, Jenny, with help from Vir) of Dani’s help scripts VISTAS for ENVISION (and VELMA if time).  objective : work out and correct bugs prior to 1pm session.  e-mail VISTAS/ENVISION one-pager draft to John Bolte so he has it in hand for 1pm

11:45-1pm – Jenny, Mike, Judy.  Lunch meeting to lay out objectives for VISTAS Computer Science Board.

1-2pm – Vir, Judy, Nik, Patrick, John (John via video GoToMeeting).
– Vir to demo his most recent changes
– Walkthru Dani’s one-page script, and get feedback
– Discuss plan to link ENVISION to VISTAS (John is hot to do this)

2pm – debrief session with John and Patrick, and confirm plan for May 17 meeting with Bob and Allen (see below), and reading group paper.

2:30 – Dani and Judy leave for Portland.

NB:  Bob and Allen (VELMA) – are out of town, so we will meet via GoToMeeting with them at 2pm, Friday, May 17.  Nik ? will demo VISTAS – and Dani will deliver draft documentation.  before that meeting, we need to do the following (and maybe can do that sometime this Friday….)

  • confirm that Lee:  has made and uploaded changes to new VELMA code so animation runs, and Vir has compiled these into the installer.   upload 30 days of data (Cheasapeake?) to bitbucket for tests (lee has done this).
  • Nik and Dani: test VISTAS “new VELMA” code.
  • Dani:  have available VISTAS QuickStart Guide and 1-page “user script” for NEW VELMA and ENVISION – ).