Data and Images

On this page, you will find links to data files that can be viewed with VISTAS, along with images that have been created using VISTAS.  We are currently visualizing in 3D output for several projects and from two kinds of models.  Files of interest for each kind of model include:

EPA’s VELMA model (thanks to Bob McKane and Allen Brookes).  VELMA
– For Chesapeake bay data data – download the zip file

OSU’s ENVISION model (thanks to John Bolte).  ENVISION outputs 2D shape files compatible with ArcInfo, which we convert to 3D.  ENVISION projects for which you can see VISTAS visualizations are the Big Wood Basin and Willamette 2010. Relevant files are  be found in zip files on at Vir’s Envision Data Page.
idu3d.shp – 3D shape files.   ENVISION produces 2D shape files, which we convert to 3D.  This is visualized in VISTAS.
idu.xml – contains a key for abbreviations (e.g., LULC = Land Use/Land Cover”) and how attribute for that variable are coded (e.g., Color (255,0,0) – Red = Developed.  File is used to create legends for a VISTAS visualization.
idu.prj – GEOGCS information, e.g., DATUM, PrimeMeridian, etc.

Here are some VISTAS’ Visualizations of Big Wood Basin