Developers – 11/21/2014 –

  1. Judy/Kirsten: Report from VisWeek, in particular on the 3D Visualization Workshop (judy), 3D Vis Panel (Kirsten), the BELIV workshop (and Kirsten’s paper presentation), and misc interesting stuff
  2. Nik/Chris/Justin/Dani: Developers’ updates….
    – Nik on status of VELMA vis, and prioritizing bar charts vs Land Use boundaries
    —– about how far along is the 2D graphs for bob?   a week’s work, less, significantly more?
    —– how big a job is the boundary/land use overlays?
    – Chris on his connection(s) with Patrick
    – Justin – status of his UI improvements
    – Dani – status of Dynamic bar charts for VELMA
    – Kendra/Jenny – status of finalization of Kendra’s work, and passing further development to ???
  3. Upcoming meetings
    – Reading Group (3D Vis papers?)
    – December 16 Corvallis meeting ?
    – Senior Personnal meeting to plan retreat and workshop