Developers – 10/31/2014 –

  1. review Notes from 10/16 meeting in Corvallis.  Jenny will connect with Kendra, as per those remaining development objectives.  See notes.
  2. introduce new developer Chris Schultz (Mike’s new CS student)
  3. VisWeek dry runs from Kirsten, Judy.  Kirsten will upload her paper and slides to VISTAS Pubs and Presentations.  Judy’s are there.  We also talked about the VisWeek 3D workshop that Judy will attend at VisWeek.  Mike and Jenny are sending information about 3D display and UI technologies….
  4. Meeting schedule through June…  Friday’s 3-4pm
    November 21 – VisWeek Reports from Judy & Kirsten;  development reports from Nik, Chris, Kendra, Justin, Dani (Justin and Dani should have finished their work by this time)…..
    Nov. 28 – no meeting (Thanksgiving)
    December 5 Developers
    Tuesday, December 16 –  in Corvallis after Kirsten’s defense Monday Dec. 15.
    in lieu of regular Dec. 12 meeting
    – Senior Personnel – to plan retreat and workshop for spring
    – Developers….
  5. a new version of VISTAS exe before Nov. 7 – Nik will test, Judy will find 2 data sets that we know work to demo with….  Windows 8 (WxWidgets library dependencies)?  Chris will aim to integrate the Windows 8 dependencies and have a new exe by Monday….
  6. Development objectives for next 3 months –
    Consider Chris taking on Dani’s dynamic bar chart project until we meet with John Bolte and settle next steps for EnVISTAS (the problem is how to integrate VISTAS with the ENVISION UI) – might not happen until Dec. 16…