All Hands – 2/8/2013

Via skype.   Present: Mike Bailey, Judy Cushing, Jenny Orr, Viriya Ratanasangpunth, Kirsten Winters,  Nik Stevenson-Molnar, Lee Zeman

1.    Review abstracts for upcoming conference submissions (ISSRM – kirsten, NWSA:  fox/judy/evan).  Kirsten and Judy each sent the abstracts prior to this meeting.  Judy waiting to confirm final copy submitted to conference;  when link appears above, Judy will have posted these at VISTAS Pubs & Presentations

2.   Reminder of reading group next week – Christoph’s paper.  Now listed and posted on Reading Group Page.

3.  Confirm March All Hands Meeting – Date and Agenda (March 1 or 8, In Corvallis?), meet with collaborators Bolte and Bob.  deliver VISTAS to Bob!  Judy will set up a doodle poll to help determine date and time of this meeting.

4.   VISTAS .exe demo and test of Lee’s code for Bob (Lee, Vir, Nik).  prior to this:   Lee needs to have fixed his code or found conflict with Vir’s code and reported to Vir and Nik, and Vir needs to have created a new .exe.  Vir created a new .exe with the new code, and Lee had attempted to compile and run her code with the new source on bitbucket, BUT Lee ran into the same problem running the new VISTAS that Judy did – a too early version of OpenGL.  to run VISTAS, one needs v. 3.  Lee thinks he’s found the bug that we unearthed last week, and will test his code by compiling without the OpenGL Shader (which is the piece that needs OpenGL v3.0.  We’ll take a few minutes after the reading group on Feb 15 to check this out. 

Judy got her new computer!  A Dell Precision M4700 – 64 bit monster.  Windows 7 Professional, Intel Core  i7, 2.7 GH, 16 Gig memory, 64 bit OS, nvidia control v 296.79, quadro K2000M, OpenGL 4.2