Developers – 6/10/2013 – Bob/Allen Demo

Vir, Nik, Judy met via GoToMeeting with Bob & Allen to demo a working VISTAS/VELMA!  more detailed notes to follow.


  1. Nik’s 1st priority now is to add 2D graph/plot of precip (or what? and other VELMA inputs?), as per Bob’s request.
  2. Vir had posted just prior to meeting the .exe file we demo’d, so it’s ready for Bob & Allen to download and use.  Link to download can be found in “Project News -> VISTAS Software“.
  3. Dani will update and post update to her one page User Documentation by the end of the week – the link is in the link given above in (2).  Judy has now given Dani permission to update the web site.
  4. Bob and Allen will download VISTAS and begin using it to view output from the new VELMA, and get back to Vir, Nik, Judy with questions/comments/bugs.
  5. We decided we’d aim for a VISTAS “presence” (maybe a demo!) at HJA Day June 27.  Judy will contact Mark Schulze to say we will aim to do this.  Bob will try to get some HJA data for us to demo.  Judy will contact John to ask him for some files, or (better!) see if he is going and will demo himself!  VISTAS folks who are planning to attend (Judy,Jenny,Kirsten?, and ???) will get prepared to demo!
  6. JENNY and VIR will meet at OSU next Wednesday (6/19) for Jenny to check her install and compile/build of VISTAS.  JENNY now has Microsoft Visual Studio installed and is good to go!  yay!