Developers – 1/23/2015

Via GoToMeeting.
Judy, Mike, Chris, Jenny, Patrick, Kirsten, Dani?, Justin?
Nik is off cross country skiing and will be back next week

  1. Development Status
    –  Nik: will send update via email?
    –  Chris & Patrick:
    –  Mike:  Mike reported via email that he has draped Dominique’s image over a DEM and bump mapped it – take a look to see how it looks to drape vegetation changes on topography at a national scale.
    Jenny/Kendra:  Jenny and Kendra to meet with Willamette students Jan 29.
    Dani:  ?
    Justin: ?
  2. Upcoming Meeting Schedule (January)  with Collaborators January 29-30
  3. HJA Symposium (VISTAS Poster and Demo’s) – Thursday, January 29.  Do we want new images in a new poster, or reuse the VISWEEK POSTER?  Bob communicated via email to Judy that he will likely be there, and can do a demo;  Nik (if Bob is called away) and Patrick can be there to run demo’s ; Patrick will check with John Bolte.  REGISTER BY JANUARY 22, TO GET A FREE LUNCH!
  4. All Hands Retreat in May  See Retreat Tentative Agenda;   select a few prospective dates ( o be finalized soon via Doodle Poll).  Mike, Judy, and Jenny will confirm membership of CSAB.