Developers and Reading Group – April 4, 2014

Agenda and meeting notes:  Judy, Jenny, Nik, Dani, Justin, Kendra

  1. (5 min) check in with Vir and Nik about development.   see below for report
  2. (~25-30 min) discuss Margaret’s Representation Benchmarks paper – see VISTAS Reading Group for link
  3. (remaining time) finalize remaining notes on session with Margaret”
    – Specific Observations about the system, and
    -Action Items for the VISTAS UI
    – followup for consulting with Margaret

Action Item from Meeting;  We will all enter our comments on VISTAS UI issues and prospective changes, and on followup for consultation with Margaret to Google Doc: VISTAS Feb 28, 2014, session with Margaret .

Development status:

  1. Vir has been converting his ENVISION plugin to do synchronous processing, which was doing asynchronous processing for VISTAS earlier because we have an event loop. In ENVISION we have no event loop so we have to do everything synchronously.
    – also did some code refactoring, and added unit tests to improve code hygiene in general.
    – next, he’ll be working on implementing a “POSTRUN graph” for ENVISION so they can track changes over a period of time, which can now only do a “RUNTIME graph”.
  2. Nik‘s been busy with CBI, but been keeping up on vistas software reviews (all software is reviewed prior to integration).
  3. Justin has been chugging along on his improvements to the UI.  He is also participating in the code reviews and planning on a web page to track VISTAS development in a more user friendly way than is now done on the developers’ “issues list”.
In terms of what’s next, I’ll be working on implementing a “POSTRUN graph” for ENVISION. It can do “RUNTIME graph” right now. A postrun graph is what they use to track changes over a period of time.