Developers – 4/26/2013

via GoToMeeting (Dani, Jenny, Judy, Lee, Nik, Vir)
(Mike out of town)

Action Items or Issues in Red.

VIR confirmed that the VISTAS installer is set with the most recent version of VISTAS (including Lee’s code that got left out last time).   He conducted demo‘s as follows:

  • VELMA – old file format – HJA data.  We confirmed that two scenes can be viewed, with different attributes, and that animation works.  Lee will upload to the bitbucket repository 30 days (or more?) of data so animation can be demo’d.  ISSUE:  VISTAS still not picking up min/max values from stats and displaying it properly (to use in generating color map?)
  • VELMA – new file format – Cheasapeake data.  We confirmed that two scenes can be viewed, with different attributes. ISSUE:   animation NOT working (needs same fix as for old file format). Lee will fix, contact Vir when uploaded, and he will create a new exe and let us know when that is done.
  • ENVISION – Snake River (Big Wood) Basin, ID.  We saw Vir’s new code where camera can be moved and manipulated, and then a “fly-through”.  Data sets that Vir is using to test are:
    – Central Oregon
    – OR-WA
    – Yosemite
    – WW2100
    – Big Wood Basin (ID)
  • Dani will work on (aiming for a preliminary draft about May 1):
    – Quick Start Guides for VELMA (new format) and ENVISION
    – one page (max) user script for both
    – working up and writing up regression test scripts for VELMA (new format) and ENVISION

Next Developers’ Meeting – Friday May 10 in Corvallis.  Tentative Agenda has been posted.  Judy checking with John, Bob, Allen about their availability.