Dev Meeting – March 6 Corvallis

8-9 via GoToMeeting:  Christoph, Taylor, Nik, Jenny, Judy:  Review and revise Taylor’s ToDo list for Christoph’s App.(.doc file) or web page.  For fun and profit:  also Brainstorm with a good name for the App!

9-11:  HJA Monthly Meeting.  Richardson 313. Judy and any others interested.  HJA LTER Monthly MeetingCliffs Notes on The Northwest Climate Science Center (focus on involving decision makers early in science to assure they can use the resulting data) and Modeling the effect of forest change on snowmelt timing across the PNW (interesting because the project is doing cross spatial scale data.  See new page with notes on HJA Monthly Meetings.

12 Lunch: Judy, Jenny, Nik?. Meet for Lunch in the eCafe in Kelley to debrief meeting with Christoph, and refine Taylor’s todo list.

1-2:15pm:  Developer’s Meeting. Kelley 2114. Chris, Patrick, Nik, Mike, Jenny, Judy.  Demos of ENVISION by Chris and Patrick – with no-hole files and hole-y files.  revise/refine software delivery dates for John, Bob, and Dominique.  Review VISTAS retreat agenda and date.

2/2:15-3pm: Grant proposal planning. Kelley 2114. Mike, Jenny, Judy, Nik?, Denise?.

3pm promptly!:  Judy leaves for Bend.