Developers – 2/6/2015

Via GoToMeeting.
Judy, Mike, Jenny, Nik, Patrick, Taylor
Chris excused himself and sent an email update (see below)

  1. Welcome to our new member from Willamette – Taylor Mutch who will be taking over work on Christoph’s app from Kendra.  Taylor is a senior from Willamette Univ., majoring in math and minoring in computer science.
  2. We reviewed development status on each part of the project:- Christoph’s webGL app:  most important is to make sure the application is on Christoph’s server and he knows how to use it.  we will schedule a consult with him as soon as we have a clear prioritized list of what needs to be done.  Taylor, Jenny, and Judy are working on that and will post it on the VisualizingWind page.

    Chris and Patrick (ENVISTAS):  Patrick demo’d the fly-through functionality, which is almost finished;  Chris is busy with a midterm project, but forwarded his to do list (we’ll clarify Feb. 20)….

    1) keep working on the holes in the shape files
    2) color updating in ENVISTAS, other loose ends with ENVISTAS
    3) look into some sort of fog/non-black background (Patrick has given me some info on that to possibly use, so that’s straightforward)
    4) look into completing the animation functionality inside VISTAS.

    – Nik talked about his work to make cleaner (not pixelated) land use (shape file) boundaries for Bob, and starting NetCDF support for Dominique.

    – Mike demo’d the bump-mapped topographic overlay of Dominique’s vegetative cover for the U.S.  We discussed issues involved in displaying such a large geographic extent with varying topography.  This started up a discussion of what would be involved putting Mike’s DEM files onto a server for VISTAS users (resampling the source data, mitmapping, for efficiency).

  3. We deferred until the next meeting reviewing a (fairly long) list of potential future projects

  4. We deferred until next week (February 13) one of the 3D papers posted at  in particular – Richard Brath, Oculus Info Inc. and London South Bank University, “3D InfoVis is Here to Stay: Deal with It