In Corvallis – May 8-9, 2014

Purpose of this meeting is to get VISTAS  (and Kendra’s WebGL app) into the hands of our collaborators (see below for more detail).

In addition to Collaborators (Bob, Allen, John, Patrick, Alexis, Christoph), we expect the following folks will attend on Friday morning:    Judy, Mike, Jenny, Nik, Vir, Kirsten, Dani, Justin, Kendra.

Meeting Prep:  Vir and Nik will contact John and Bob (respectively) several days prior to this meeting to install most recent version of VISTAS on their laptops prior to the Friday sessions.

Thursday May 8 – 6pm – Debrief updates of Dev Status from Nik, Vir, Justin and Kendra – at Les Caves (Kirsten will reserve a spot).  All welcome.

Friday May 9 –  Kirsten will take notes and will video tape the session.
– 8:30 am
– Set up and preview in Kelly 2114 (Mike reserved space; Vir will set up his computer and prepare .exe’s for John and Bob.  Plan is that we will first demo changes for each collaborator, and then each collaborator will run VISTAS, first on a data set we all know, then perhaps on a new one?
– 9am – ENVISION – John Bolte (and company – Alexis?  Patrick?)
– 10am – VELMA – Bob McKane, Allen Brookes
– 11am – Kendra’s App – Christoph

12-12:30 – debrief/summary
12:30 – Lunch (Nearly Normals)

1:45 – Olympia crew takes off for Portland and Olympia

We will proceed as we did last time, with each collaborator coming at a different time, thus optimizing THEIR time….  Of course, they are welcome to come for the session with others, as well.

There are several reasons why time is (a bit) of the essence on this:

  1. We hope to have a VISTAS poster submitted to VisWeek, and to prepare that I will need collaborators’ visualizations by June 1….
  2. Vir, Justin, Kendra and Dani are leaving – Vir for the summer and Justin, Kendra and Dani are graduating.  So, it is important to understand problems in their code well before they go!