Sr. Personnel – 1/23/2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014, 4-5pm.  VISTAS Senior Personnel.

  1. debrief the retreat – see Kirsten’s report
  2. Upcoming meeting(s) with collaborators and Margaret Burnett in Corvallis Feb 6-7 – starting 12:30 – 5:30 Thursday, 9-5 Friday.  Kelley Engineering – 2114.
  3. graduations and project staffing….  is Vir leaving in June? if so, how will we fill that gap in development staff?  is kirsten staying on at least thru December? Can we think of ways her work can more directly impact the s/w dev?
  4. shall we plan a summer retreat with the collaborators? before Vir, Kendra (May), Dani, Justin leave?  ~ week following June 15?
  5. what academic papers and other products (a follow on NSF proposal?) do we see coming out of the project? how can we make that happen?
    – SIGgraph student poster(s)?  Feb 18 deadline.  Kendra and Vi
    – 2 small papers (VisWeek – BELIV, SSDBM), 2 posters (ESA, SSDBM) published –
    – VisWeek paper – meeting in Nov 2014
    – Kirsten ????
    – 1 MS, 1Ph.D., 3 undergrads
    – our collaborators’ pubs….
  6. 3x/month developers’ meetings and monthly Senior Personnel meetings – are these productive and should we continue them, as is, or change?
  7. web site – is this effective and if not what can be done to make it better
    – add “people” menu item along with student graduates, with a link to CSAB,
  8. NSF upcoming housekeeping – annual report due about June 1 (let’s have something to say!) and no-cost extension to be requested through September 2015 (so we can do the LTER ASM summer 2014). follow on proposal? mike?
  9. budget – how does it look, with Vir leaving, Kirsten staying, Nik doing development….