VISTAS Pubs & Presentations

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J. B. Cushing, N. Molnar, V. Ratanasangpunth, M. Bailey, J. Bolte, A. Brookes, D. Lach, J. Mangue, B. McKane, G. Orr, Emily Platt, K. Schmal, S. Stafford, C. Thomas, P. Wingo, K. Winters, D. Witherspoon. 2014.  Visualizing Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems in 3D.  VisWeek 2014 (Paper (.pdf), Poster, Video, Video Words), November 11-18, 2014, Paris, France.


Papers or presentations by VISTAS participants,  since project inception.  Alphabetical order by first author, most recent first.

Myers, James D., Judith B. Cushing, Peter Lynn, Noah Weiner, Anna Ovchinnikova, Nalini Nadkarni, Anne McIntosh. 2015.  Curating and Preserving the Big Canopy Database System: An Active Curation Approach using SEAD, AGU Poster IN13A-1827, Fall, 2015.

K. Winters, J Cushing, Lach, D, Stafford, S., Valentine T.   2016 (in preparation).  State of the Art:  Visualization Strategies for Environmental Science.

K. Winters, J Cushing, Lach, D, Haduk, E, J Walley.   2016 (in review).  State of Practice:  How Ecologists use Visualizations in Publications: Journal Survey.

J.B. Cushing, K. Winters, D. Lach.  2015. “Software for Scientists facing Wicked Problems Lessons from the VISTAS Project,” 16th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research, dg.o, Phoenix, AZ, May 27-30, 2015.  Selected as a “best paper”, revised version included in  Information Polity – Winters 2016.

K. Winters, J.B. Cushing, D. Lach.  2016. “Software for Scientists facing Wicked Problems Lessons from the VISTAS Project,”  Information Polity, 2016 (to appear).

J.B. Cushing, D. Lach.  2015. Engaging researchers and decision makers to develop usable climate information, 16th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research, dg.o Plenary Panel with:  Tamara Wall, Desert Research Institute Reno, NV; Tom Rolinski, So. California USDA Forest Service; Allison Marshall Inouye, OSU Alternative Futures and City of Hillsboro, OR; Lawrence Schoen, County Commissioner, Blaine County, Hailey, ID, and Nik Stevenson-Molnar, S/W Developer, CBI, Corvallis, OR. Phoenix, AZ, May 27-30, 2015.

Winters K, Lach D, Cushing J. (Oct 2015). A conceptual model for characterizing the problem domain. Information Visualization. Selected as a “best paper” for journal publication, from the VisWeek 2014 BELIV workshop.

K. Winters, Lach, D., Cushing, J.B.  2014.  Considerations for Characterizing the Domain Problem. VisWeek 2014 BELIV Workshop.  Winters K, Cushing J, Lach D. Selected for Special Issue in Information Visualization (2015) as “A conceptual model for characterizing the problem domain” doi: 1473871615608902.

Judith B. Cushing, Dani Witherspoon, Justin MangueJ. B.  Cushing, E. Hayduk, J. Walley, K. Winters, Denise Lach, Michael Bailey, Susan G. Stafford, Christoph Thomas. 2012. Which Visualizations Work, for What Purpose, for Whom?  Evaluating Visualizations of Terrestrial and Aquatic SystemsBELIV ’12 (VisWeek October 14 – 15, 2012, Seattle, WA, USA). Selected for Proceedings of the 2012 BELIV Workshop: Beyond Time and Errors – Novel Evaluation Methods for Visualization ACM. doi>10.1145/2442576.2442579

Winters K. (2013). The VISTAS Project: creating tools for visualizing big data. Oral Presentation, International Symposium on Society and Natural Resource Management, Estes Park, CO.

J. Cushing, E. Hayduk, J. Walley, L. Zeman, K. Winters, M. Bailey,  J. Bolte, B. Bond, D. Lach, C. Thomas, S. G. Stafford, and N. Stevenson-Molnar. 2012. (IN?)Extricable Links between Data and Visualization. SSDBM June 2012, 613-617.

Winters K. (2012). Mental model interviewing. Oral presentation, Social Coasts Forum, Charleston, SC.

Cushing, J.B. et al: What you see is what you get? Data Visualization Options for Environmental Scientists.  Ecological Informatics Management Conference (2011).

Judy Cushing.  2011. VISTAS Overview, Evergreen Faculty Symposium, September 2011.

Haduk, E, J Walley, J Cushing, K. Winters, M Rao.   2012 How Ecologists “Visualize” Research Results in Publications:VISTAS Project Ecology Journal Survey, Poster, Ecological Society of American Annual Conference, Portland OR, 2012.

D. Lach, J.B. Cushing.   2015. “Engaging Researchers and Decision Makers to Develop Usable Climate Information,” Panel presented at 16th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research, dg.o, Phoenix, AZ, May 27-30, 2015.  Panelists included Tamara Wall, Tom Rolinski, Alison Marshall Inouye, Lawrence Schoen, and Nik Stevenson-Molnar.

Peters, Debra P. C., K. M. Havstad, J. Cushing, C. Tweedie, O. Fuentas, N. Villanueva-Rosales. 2014.  Harnessing the power of big data: infusing the scientific method with machine learning to transform ecology, ESA Ecosphere, 5 June 2014.

Peterson, Fox, E. Hayduk, J.B. Cushing.  2013.  Cataloging and Visualizing Complex Forest Stands Using LiDAR Data.  Poster and Presentation,  NW Scientific Association Annual Conference, Portland OR, March 2013.

K.A. Schmal, C. Thomas, J. Cushing, G. Orr. 2015.  Visualizing Valley Wind Flow.  SigGraph 2015.  Paper, Poster Presentation.

Susan Stafford, Judith Cushing, Theresa Valentine. 2015.  3D Scientific Visualization (Terrain Mapping) for ecological and environmental research and outreach  LTER All Scientists Meeting (Working Group), Estes Park CO, August 30-September 3, 2015.  See Documents relating to the Working Group (Agenda, Participant Questionnaire, etc.).

Winters, K. 2015. Visualization in Environmental Science Research. Ph.D. Dissertation, Oregon State University.

Winters, K. 2013. “The VISTAS Project: Creating Tools for Visualizing Big Data.”   Oral presentation, International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM), Estes Park, CO.

Winters, K., Lach, D., Cushing, J. 2014. Considerations for Characterizing Domain Problems, BELIV ’14, IEEE VisWeek, Nov.10 2014, Paris, France.  Presentation Notes.

Witherspoon, Dani (Evergreen Undergraduate).  2014.  Where is the Toad?  Submitted to Creative Geography.